2023 – Pet Nat – Pink Punk Fizz


Buckle up for “Pink Punk Fizz,” the Pet Nat that’s rewriting the rulebook. This Sangiovese and Nebbiolo blend struts a rebellious pink with an attitude that says, “I dare you.” On the nose, it’s an anarchic mélange of wild berries and a cheeky hint of funk – like a punk rock concert in a rose garden.

Crack it open and your palate is gatecrashed by a riot of tangy red fruit and a fizzle that pops more than your average bubble. It’s untamed, unfiltered, and unapologetically raw. This fizz isn’t just a drink, it’s a statement. Pink Punk Fizz is the misfit at the wine party, turning heads and challenging tastes. Forget the rules, this one’s for the thrill-seekers.

Buy a bottle and claim a free NFT in January 2024! Only 200 bottled!

Note: 6 bottles per case, no discounts on a dozen

Released on our fun sub-brand – Tan Tep