2023 – Pet Nat – Meer Kat


“Meer Kat Pet Nat” is here to shake up the Pet Nat game. This Vermentino is all about going wild, and it’s donning a vibrant yellow, like it’s ready to pounce from the savannah to your glass.

Sniff this and it’s like a burst of summer sunshine – a kaleidoscope of zesty lemon, a hint of green apple, and a touch of wildflowers. It’s the olfactory equivalent of a meerkat on the lookout – bright, alert, and totally captivating.

Now, let this wild child hit your palate. It’s a rush of electric citrus, with bubbles that frolic and play like meerkats in the sun. This fizz has got zest for days, balanced with a cheeky, untamed edge that keeps things refreshingly unpredictable.

“Meer Kat Pet Nat” isn’t just another wine; it’s a vibrant, vivacious Vermentino party animal. If your taste buds are looking for an adventure, this is your one-way ticket to the fun side of the vineyard.

Buy a bottle and claim a free NFT in January 2024!  Only 200 bottled!

Note: 6 bottles per case, no discounts on a dozen

Released on our fun sub-brand – Tan Tep


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Weight 1.5 kg

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