2019 – Merlot


This wine, dark red purple in colour, has alluring dark plums and mulberry aromatics, sweet, intense and perfumed, the palate is full of blackberries, brambles and chocolate with fresh coffee like tannins; it is soft and generous.

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Step into the noir realm where our Cool Climate Merlot prowls.

This isn’t just darkness; it’s a depth you can feel. It greets you, not

with a handshake but with an enigmatic nod, offering a bounty of

tart red fruits and a brooding, battle-worn cherry that’s seen more

than its share of dusk till dawns.


This Merlot flexes with a quiet strength. Its layers reveal themselves

with each sip a revolution of plum against the establishment,

with whispers of peppery insurrection that stir the soul.

Our Cool Climate Merlot doesn’t just stand out; it stands alone. It’s the

culinary maverick, the vintners wild card, the sip that refuses to go quietly

into the night.